BroExchange 2012 Linkfest

I just went to the 2012 BroExchange, the conference for users of Bro-IDS. I am almost completely new to Bro, but had a great time learning from some seriously smart folks. Here's a random linkfest of stuff:

Brownian, a web front-end to an ElasticSearch back-end for Bro logs.
auditing-sshd, a version of OpenSSH that exports user activity data to Bro (or other log infra, I suppose)
parallel, a GNU tool for executing shell jobs in parallel.
cpacket, maker of mirror switches, similar to Gigamon.
Bro developer Seth Hall's github page
The awesome Security Onion Linux distro with Bro pre-installed.

I may add more as I decipher my notes.

Published: August 09 2012

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