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About Jay Swan

Professional World:

Infosec and networks. Today I work mostly on investigations, threat intelligence, and security data analytics. Some of my favorite things are Python, Jupyter notebooks, Presto, Zeek, NetFlow, passive DNS, and BGP. In the past I’ve worked extensively in network engineering, especially on WAN, VPN, VoIP, industrial networks, and small data center environments in the energy industry.

Cultural World:

I’m interested in a lot of humanities topics, including philosophy, poetry, science fiction, history of science, and military history. I have many favorite writers, but a sampling would include: H.D., Virginia Woolf, Daniel Dennett, Frank Herbert, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein.

Physical World:

I practice trail running, mountain biking, and weight training fairly seriously, but I’m not great at any of them. In the past I studied a variety of martial arts for a long time.

Historical Notes

For many years this blog lived (and still does, unmaintained) at http://unroutable.blogspot.com. I got tired of Blogger and enamored of GitHub, so here it lives now. I haven’t done a lot of searching for format problems related to the Blogger to GitHub Pages migration, so if you find something that really bothers you, let me know via Twitter.


Robert Duncan once wrote something like “all my work is derivative”. This is true of me as well, but my employer requires me to say that my ideas don’t represent them.